Welcome to Knotty Oaks Ranch (KOR)- home of the Mighty Miniature Schnauzers! Here at KOR you will find several color choices, but most importantly you find well-adjusted puppies ready for their new homes!

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Knotty Oaks Ranch (KOR) is family owned with over 30 years experience and concentrates on QUALITY, not quantity! At Knotty Oaks, the puppies are raised underfoot and as part of the family.  All babies are well socialized and go through several different stimulations preparing them for their new home.


We implement the Volhard Dog Training method. We firmly believe that early neuro stimulation helps in the development of well-rounded pups that will turn into valuable, trusted, and well-adjusted family members.


All of our babies come with the following:

  • Toys (Squeaky Lamb & Teether)

  • Small bag of food 

  • Treat Samples 

  • Up-to-date on shots

  • Parasite free 

  • Crate

  • Blanket

  • Car Seat

  • Microchipped ISO

  • Limited AKC registration

  • 30-Day Prepaid Health Insurance 

  • Lifetime guidance and assistance

  • 5-Year Health guarantee

  • Volhard Puppy Aptitude and P.A.W.S. Testing completed at 49 days old


We are confident in our program and the HEALTH of our babies, that we offer a 5-year written Health Guarantee.  This covers the puppy against any life-threatening genetic defects. 


We are also known for our COMMITMENT!  We take great pride in our babies and their happiness. We make sure they are eating a 5-star food, receive all the age-appropriate vaccines   (including Bordetella), introduced to crate training, as well as, early potty training.  We are available to you and your new baby for the life of the baby, not just until you leave our home!


If you need references, not a problem - we have many of our clientele who have purchased one or more of our babies that are eager to talk to you about their experience. Please also see our testimonial page for a quick reference. 




Knotty Oaks Feeds







We are NO LONGER accepting deposits at this time due to the length of our current list.

KOR is an LLC licensed in the state of New Jersey, therefore, a 6.625% sales tax must be collected on all sales.

Waiting List Deposits



B. Foran                                  1st Pick

S & C R oot                             2nd Pick

E. Lopez                                   12.27.17

Choi-Liang                               07.15.18

J. Mitchell        H                     02.17.19

K. Rmetchuk       H                 08.21.19

Marzocca & York                    11.26.19

B. Soleyn                                 03.22.20

M. Hayde                                03.31.20

B. Rayha         H                      04.05.20

D. BarovicK                             04.06.20

E. Bozza                                   04.16.20

R. Simpson                             04.21.20

B. Stefan                                  04.22.20

K. Juste                                    04.24.20

E. Hughes                                05.02.20

J. George   (H)                          05.02.20

V. Grippo                                 05.03.20

A. Seeley                                  05.03.20

M. Youssef   (T+)                     05.04.20

T. Schemelia                           05.06.20

J. Bressi                                    05.06.20

Guy                                          05.08.20

K. Sangirardi                           05.12.20

E. Meaney                               05.15.20

M. Berger                                05.15.20

G. Hodson                               05.15.20

B. Bayer                                   05.27.20

M. Chopra                               05.27.20

H. Woolley                              05.29.20

G. Chung #1                           06.02.20

G. Chung #2                           06.02.20

C. Cardoza (F)                         06.02.20

R. Pinney                                 06.15.20

E. Laski                                    06.17.20 

Davis & Katica                        06.17.20

M & R Mikitish                       06.17.20

S& K Beltran        (T+)            06.19.20

E. Wagner                               06.21.20

R. Kaufman                             06.23.20

L. Manley                                06.24.20

J. Scharf (T+)                            08.25.20

D. Webb                                   09.16.20

Y. Ding                                      09.16.20





J. Curtis                                     02.13.20

B. Soleyn     H                           03.22.20

M. Hayde                                  03.31.20

B. Rayha    H                            04.05.20

D. Barovic                                 04.06.20

E. Bozza                                    04.16.20

R. Sheriff                                   04.17.20

R. Simpson                               04.21.20

L. O'Driscoll                              04.21.20

B. Stefan                                   04.22.20

D. Errochetti                             04.23.20

L. Vargas-Cronin                      04.29.20

M. Cavanaugh                          04.29.20

E. Hughes                                 05.02.20

V. Grippo                                   05.03.20

M. Schorr                                  05.05.20

P. Fisher                                    05.12.20

K. Sangirardi                            05.12.20

M. Berger                                 05.15.20

B. Bayer                                    05.27.20

H. Woolley                                05.29.20

ME. Mcdonough                      06.01.20

C. Cardoza (F)                           06.02.20

D. Farinella  (T+)                       06.10.20

R. Pinney                                   06.15.20

Davis & Katica                          06.17.20

E. Wagner                                 06.21.20

R. Kaufman                               06.23.20

P. Burt     (T+)                            09.05.20

J & C Udelhofen                       09.14.20

A. Van Beek                              09.15.20 

D. Webb                                    09.16.20

Y. Ding                                       09.16.20


 What do all the Codes Mean?

 * = Passed

 H = Holding until further notice

 T = Toy

  t = Tcup

 R = Referral

 f  = Breeder's Choice


It’s the Most Popular of the Schnauzers

Of the three different schnauzers recognized by the American Kennel Club, the mini is the most popular. There are a number of reasons for this, but it usually comes down to the fact that miniature animals maintain that ‘puppy’ look and feel for their entire lives, and people just love that aspect of any cute dog

They Like Long Walks

You might see it on a dating profile, but no one really cares if men or women like long walks (on the beach). This particular dog breed, however, loves a long walk. This dog will walk all day long if you let it. It’s not an overly active dog as far as exercise is concerned, but it’s not going to turn down a nice long walk with its favorite humans. Call it curiosity and an interest in the real world, but this breed is one that will consider long walks a big perk to being part of a family

They’re Not Size Oriented

The good news about this breed for many homeowners is the fact that they don’t care how much space and size you have at home. They are happy to be with people and they just don’t care if they are with people in a ton of space or next to no space. They just want you there with them, and they are fairly unapologetic about it. Your dog will get on just fine in a small apartment just as well as it will in a huge home with a big yard in which it can run around as often as it would like. It’s not a particular dog. You can have a dog like this without worrying about behavior issues if you are in a big home or a small one, somewhere with a yard or somewhere without. City or small town, this is a breed that doesn’t care as long as it is with you.​

Download the Puppy            Questionaire

They’re Healthy

Like any other animal in the world, the mini schnauzer is one that does very well as far as health is concerned. They’re not overly sick animals that are prone to breed specific diseases. However, like all other animals, there is always a chance your dog will become sick or diagnosed with some sort of disease that you might not want to see it suffer from. However, that’s just a chance you take with any animal. The lack of breed specific diseases associated with the mini schnauzer just gives you an improved chance of having a healthy dog.

This is a Cheerful Breed

Most people love a cheerful dog. After all, most people choose to go with dogs over other animals because of their exuberance and excitement, particularly when it comes to seeing their family members. When this dog sees you for the first time during the day or after a day at the office, it’s going to show a cheerful side. It is a breed that is going to be very happy to see you, very happy to have you home and just happy in general. It’s a cheerful breed that is rarely in a mood otherwise.

They’re Great with Other Animals

One of the first questions many potential dog owners ask when they are looking into a new dog is whether or not the mini schnauzer is going to get along well with other animals. The answer is yes; this is a breed that does get along well with other animals. And, in fact, this is a breed that will make it friendly with cats and dogs alike. However, rodents and other small animals – even the household variety such as hamsters – might make this breed become a bit predatory. This means you should watch out for the dog if you have small animals such as this as pets. Kids, for example, love hamsters and other small rodents and this might become a conflict of interest for your family.

Health-Tested Parents for Healthier Puppies.

Our Puppies' health is certified by Dr. Kim @ Church Road Animal Hospital, Cherry Hill, NJ 

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Xyla 1.jpg

Xyla - SOLD

Black Female (Micro/Tcup)

Xyla is charting to be 3-4  lbs as an adult.
Parents:  LouLou x Little Man

DOB: 6/10/2020

Vivi 911.jpg


Black Female - Tcup

Vivi is charting to be 5-6 lbs as an adult.

Parents: Peanut x Hibachi
DOB: 08/08/20


Artemis - SOLD

Chocolate Male - Toy

Artemis is charting to be 8-10 lbs as an adult

Parents: Peanut x Hibachi

DOB: 8/08/20

Vinny 91120.jpg

Vinny - SOLD

Salt & Pepper Parti Male - Toy

Vinny is charting to be 7-9 lbs as an adult. 
Parents: Peanut x Hibachi
DOB: 08/08/20

Voss 091120.jpg

Voss - SOLD

Salt & Pepper Male - Toy

Voss is charting to be 8-10 lbs as an adult. 
Parents:  Peanut x Hibachi
DOB: 8/08/20

Wyatt 091120.jpg

Wyatt - SOLD

Black Male - Toy

Wyatt  is charting to be 10-12 lbs as an adult.
Parents: Stormee x Pip
DOB: 08/08/20

Unique 91120.jpg

Unique - SOLD

Black Parti Female - Toy

Unique is charting to be 8-10 lbs as an adult.
Parents: Chloe x Little Man
DOB: 08/06/2020

Twizzler 911.jpg

Twizzler - SOLD

Chocolate Female - Tcup

Twizzler is charting to be 4-6 lbs as an adult.
Parents:  Mally x Little Man

DOB: 7/23/2020

Chanka 911.jpg

Chanka - SOLD

Chocolate Parti Male - Toy

Chanka is charting 6-8 lbs as an adult.
Parents: Mally x Little Man
DOB: 7/23/20





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